10 Reasons to Visit Turkey: The Land of the Sultan


10 Reasons to Visit Turkey: The Land of the Sultan

Turkey is a country that surprises the visitor at every step. The land of the sultans, with its unique cuisine, historic monuments and striking landscape is sure to please all travelers. If you’re planning to visit this Eastern European gem, keep reading for our top 10 reasons why you should book your trip to Turkey now: From the mists of antiquity to the splendor of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey has left its mark on history in more ways than one. Today it’s a country that is rediscovering its past while looking towards the future—but it hasn’t forgotten its roots. With its rich history and beautiful landscapes, there are plenty of reasons why you should visit this important country in southeastern Europe.

Check out the incredible ruins of Anatolia

Located in modern-day Turkey are the remains of the Hittite Empire, the Assyrian capital of Nineveh, and the legendary Troy. These are just a few of the many ruins that have been preserved by the Turkish government. This is a great way to explore the country’s ancient history. As well as offering a glimpse into the past, Turkey’s ancient ruins are also home to a variety of rare wildlife. These include the manul (a type of wild cat), the Anatolian leopard and the endemic Turkish tortoise.

Watch warriors in combat at the Turkish Olympics

If you visit Turkey during the spring equinox, you’ll be able to attend the ancient sport of the Turkish Olympics. This event, which is thought to have been practiced since the 14th century, involves the combat between two teams of warriors armed with wooden shields and spears. When the Olympics are on, you can also watch a competition between the men who carry the massive Turkish flag and the men who carry the official state standard of the Turkish Republic.

Marvel at the beautiful art of the Blue Mosque

In the city of Istanbul, you can find the stunning Blue Mosque, which is covered head to toe in beautiful ancient artwork and mosaics. This mosque was designed in the 17th century by architect and engineer Sedefkattin. Its famous blue tiling was brought from the city of Iznik. The design is said to be inspired by the Mosque of Damascus. Inside the mosque, you can also see the tomb of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Sultan (and Caliph) Suleiman the Magnificent. Alongside the mosque is the sublimely beautiful Blue Mosque Courtyard, which is a great place to see a beautiful traditional Turkish fountain.

Unleash your shutterbug within with its vibrant street art

Turks are renowned for their artistic temperament, and street artists are commonplace in Turkey. Its vibrant street art is found almost everywhere in large cities like Istanbul. You’ll be amazed by its diversity in mediums and styles. You’ll find everything from hyper-realistic portraits to playful and surrealistic creations. It’s as if you’re walking through an art gallery, but outdoors! The Turkish government has taken notice of its street art culture and has made it a policy to preserve and promote it in recent years.

Taste some of the best (and most unique) cuisine on earth

If you’re looking for a reason to travel to Turkey, food is a good one. The Turkish kitchen is one of the most varied and diverse in the world, with recipes and dishes dating back thousands of years. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t expect to find the same European or Middle Eastern cuisine you’ll find elsewhere. You’ll be surprised to find that Turkish cuisine is very unique and unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.

Catch a show with its talented actors and dancers

Turkey is a country that loves the arts and is known for producing many great artists, singers and performers. If you visit during the spring months, you’ll be able to catch one of Turkey’s world-famous festivals. Depending on where you are, you can catch a performance of traditional Ottoman dance, listen to famous singers (like Tarkan or Sibel Erkmen) or watch a Turkish theatrical play. You can also attend plays in Istanbul’s famous theaters. There, you’ll be treated to an incredible performance by actors and dancers.

Be amazed by its awesome natural wonders

Turkey’s natural wonders are as impressive as its cultural ones. There are a number of different places to visit; one of them is the Göl Mountains, which are a stunningly beautiful nature reserve near the southern city of Antalya. You can also visit the Black Sea, Anatolia’s Lake Eğirdir and Lake Van, or the richly forested Mount Nemrut. If you’re visiting during summer, you’re in luck; these places are beautiful any time of year.

Finally, because you should visit Turkey!

Turkey is a wonderful country that has so much to offer its visitors. If you thought that the best countries in the world were in Europe, you’ll want to add this gem to your list. If you love history, art, culture or just want to try some of the most unique and delicious food on earth, you’ll find something to love in Turkey.

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